• Movement tonneau AR 165, Arola Alfred Rochat & Fils SA

    AR 165

    The AR 165 Caliber was developed in our company. 
    It is a movement running at 18'000 vibrations. It is equipped with 17 jewels.

  • Mouvment tonneau AROLA AR 165 Sc

    AR 165 Sc

    Calibre AR 165 with seconde in the centre.

  • Mouvment tonneau squelette AROLA AR 165 S

    AR 165 S Sun

    Calibre AR 165 in its first skeleton release named: "Sun".

  • Calibre Aorla AR 165 Sc

    AR 165 S Flower

    Calibre AR 165 in another skeleton version named "flower", typically Swiss with its Edelweiss.